Products & Services

1Security Solutions

A Strat Security monitored system is designed to provide you with safe and affordable security for your home and everything in it. In addition to standard security protection, a Strat Security monitored system can also provide:

  • Protection from fire, carbon monoxide, and flooding
  • Cellular back-up protection
  • A savings of up to 20% on your homeowners insurance

Products: DSC, Ademco, Telular

2Emergency Response Life Safety Systems

A Strat Security life safety system provides peace of mind for the senior or handicapped living in your home. These systems provide immediate response in an emergency with just the push of a button

  • Can be worn as a pendant around your neck, or simply in your pocket
  • Just the push of a button will dispatch the police, medical, or fire department

Products: DSC, Ademco

3Total Connect Remote Camera & Security Solutions

Feel Secure by viewing your family, home and its belongings after you leave. With Honeywell’s Total Connect System, you have the ability to remotely view your home from your laptop, cell phone, or web based device.

  • Know when your child gets home from school
  • Know if an elderly relative has left the premises
  • Receive an alert if motion is sensed in a protected area indoors or outdoors
  • Be alerted when flood or extreme temperatures have been detected
  • Know if valuable objects like flat screen televisions, paintings, heirlooms, computers or office equipment are moved

Products: Honeywell

My Total Connect

4Monitoring Services

Trust your new or existing security system to Strat Security’s U.L. Central Station. We can provide monitoring at competitive, affordable rates for all different systems installed in your home:

  • Security Systems – including motion detectors, doors, windows, driveway alerts, and flooding
  • Fire Systems – including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Camera / Video Systems
  • Cellular Back-up system
  • Open/Close reports to track who is entering and leaving your home

Customers residing in Baltimore City, MD are obligated to register their alarm system with the City.

Please go to  to register. From that page you can either click to download the registration form or click to create an online account. It is free to register your alarm. Home Automation and Security:

Interactive Security
Control your security system remotely. Arm and disarm your system, and get email and text notifications all through your smartphone from almost anywhere anytime.

Home Automation
Simplify your life. Control your home remotely. Adjust the thermostat, turn on the lights, or lock your doors automatically.

Video Monitoring
Know what’s going on at your property at all times. View live video or saved security recordings on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.