Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT! Customers residing in Baltimore City, MD are obligated to register their alarm system with the City.

Please go to to register. From that page you can either click to download the registration form or click to create an online account. It is free to register your alarm.

  • The phone number to Strat Security Systems – for questions or service: 410-444-2800
  • The phone number to your central station – to test your system or cancel an alarm:
  • COPS Central Station: 800-367-2677 or
  • Allied Central Station: 844-798-8021
  • Your account number or password to cancel a false alarm. **If you do not know your password you cannot cancel an alarm with central station
  • Please contact Strat Security Systems at 410-444-2800, or click here to schedule service. Normal business hours are Monday-Friday. 8:00am – 4:00pm.
  • If emergency service is needed after hours, please call 410-444-2800 and follow the instructions to contact the on-call technician.

There will be a charge for service unless you fall under the following categories:

  • Warranty Customers – Strat Security Systems warranties parts and labor on a newly installed systems.
  • EPP Customers – Strat Security Systems offers an Extended Protection Plan (EPP) for systems that are out of warranty. The EPP covers the cost of all parts and labor on your system. To protect yourself from service fees, please call Strat Security at (410) 444-2800 or contact us online for more information.

Call Strat Security Systems at (410) 444-2800 or contact us online to make all changes to your account.

Call Strat Security Systems at (410) 444-2800 or contact us online to change codes to your system. You will need service to make this change.

  • If this is an actual alarm, call 911 immediately.
  • If this is a false alarm, please call your central station and be prepared to give your alarm cancellation code.
  • Once an alarm is received, the monitoring station will call the premise number.
  • If no answer is received, the police/fire departments will be dispatched to the location.
  • After dispatching, the monitoring station will notify the contact list of the dispatch. Those contact list numbers are provided by you.
  • A cancellation code is always needed to cancel an alarm.

Yes, it is recommended to test your system monthly. Please follow these instructions to test your system:

  • Contact central monitoring station to place your account on test.
  • Enter your keypad code to arm your system.
  • Open a door, window, or go through a motion to set your system off, and wait a few seconds.
  • Enter in your code to disarm your system
  • Call central station to confirm signals were received.

Please call Strat Security Systems at (410) 444-2800 or contact us online. A trouble light indicates there is a fault in your system and you may need service.

  • Make sure that all doors, windows, and other protection points are secured.
  • Develop a routine for turning your alarm system on and off so you do not overlook necessary steps.
  • Make sure anyone who is permitted access to your alarm system is trained on how to use the alarm system.
  • Test any new user codes to ensure they function for arming and disarming.
  • Make sure all users understand the “stay” and “away” functions. 26% of false alarms are caused by users accidentally arming their system in the “away” mode instead of “stay” and remaining on-site.
  • Make sure everyone who uses the system has access to the central station phone number and passwords to cancel false alarms. 49% of false alarms are caused by forgotten arm/disarm codes.
  • Review the operation with employees periodically. Carefully watch new employees or others the first few times.
  • Make sure the system is ready before turning on.
  • Follow all instructions furnished by the alarm company for use, maintenance service, and repairs.
  • Test the alarm system regularly, the alarm company will show you how to conduct a test.
  • If motion detectors are installed and you purchase a pet, ask your alarm company whether pet immune detectors have been installed. Do not leave helium-filled balloons behind on premise. Make certain plants or curtains cannot be blown by the wind or air conditioning/heating units.