1Security Solutions

Strat Security offers small, medium, and large businesses complete security solutions. A Strat Security monitored system is designed to provide you with safe and affordable security for your business and everything in it. In addition to standard security protection, a Strat Security monitored system can also provide:

  • Protection against temperature changes and flooding
  • A savings of up to 20% on your homeowners insurance
  • Cellular back-up protection

Products: DSC, Ademco, Radionics, Telular

4Monitoring Services

Trust your new or existing security system to Strat Security’s U.L. Central Station. We can provide monitoring at competitive, affordable rates for all different systems installed n your commercial facility:

  • Security Systems
  • Fire Systems
  • Camera / Video System
  • Cellular Back-up systems
  • Open/Close reports

Customers residing in Baltimore City, MD are obligated to register their alarm system with the City. Please go to  to register.

From that page you can either click to download the registration form or click to create an online account. It is free to register your alarm.  

2Emergency Response Life Safety Systems

A Strat Security life safety system provides peace of mind for the senior or handicapped living in your home. These systems provide immediate response in an emergency with just the push of a button

  • Can be worn as a pendant around your neck, or simply in your pocket
  • Just the push of a button will dispatch the police, medical, or fire department

Products: DSC, Ademco